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How to Help a Teething Baby | GummeeGlove

Ensure you have enough wine in the house for yourself. That’s it. End of story… Continue reading “How to Help a Teething Baby | GummeeGlove”

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10 Random Things I Didn’t Know Before Having a Baby

There are some random and silly things I didn’t know or think of before I became a parent, in no particular order. Did you know any of these before having a baby? Continue reading “10 Random Things I Didn’t Know Before Having a Baby”

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The First Trimester | Pregnancy Journal

To be honest, I wasn’t sure on sharing snippets from my pregnancy journal with anyone. Doubt crept in. It happens when I want to write but fear judgement, hence why it’s taken me so long to share my Motherhood journey with those who follow my blog. I appreciate you all, the kind words, encouragement and support I have and still receive. You’re the ones who matter, so I invite you to my Pregnancy Journey, whether you have kids or not.   Continue reading “The First Trimester | Pregnancy Journal”

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Anonymous Mom | Feature

Welcome to the first open space and platform where parents are invited to share their stories in order to not only try to relate to and encourage others but also help themselves through writing.
From a single traveller to a wife, mom and stepmom of three kids in another country…this featured Mom* kindly shares her story.

Continue reading “Anonymous Mom | Feature”


Life Update

Six months. Six whole damn months! A lot has happened in the past few months and since my last postContinue reading “Life Update”