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27 Vital Things I’ve Learnt At 27

One of my favourite authors and spiritual teachers, Paulo Coelho says, “To write, is to cry in silence”. I’m an open book in person, but ironically when it comes to being a newbie in the blogging world, I tend to not really talk about personal things. It’s taken me a while (and I’m still getting there) to completely get out of my shell again after a couple of speed-bumps along the years, hence why the blogging and writing started and I decided to just go. Go into the world. Just do it. And at the same time, have a voice. Be my own best friend. Learn and move on.

It’s another year where I turn another insignificant number and never thought I’d be writing in a diary, let alone online. And I’m so glad I did, as it’s helped me so much. I’m so grateful for the support from everyone, so I thought it would be only about time that I should share a little bit more about myself than what I normally would.

When I’m 95 I can sit back and either laugh or cry at this…


1) I wasn’t magically created into this world for absolutely no reason. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

2) Don’t ever carry the blame for other people’s actions. I honestly thought I was the cause of my parents’ divorce. I was way too young to understand. Now I realise that not all people get lucky the first time around at dating or marriage and are just simply not meant for each other and that’s ok. We cross paths at a certain time for ultimately a higher reasoning.

3) Having a step-parent is one of life’s biggest blessings if you allow it to be. I am grateful for more than one mother. Strong women raise future strong women. Even better, is when strong women work together, not break each other down. And if it wasn’t for my stepmom, I wouldn’t have an amazing, talented brother!


4) It’s OK to cry on your birthday…no matter what age.

5) Never ever stop playing in the mud, climbing trees and encouraging children to play! Also, dress up is vital!

Me at 3 with big shoes

6) I was always labeled the loud, talkative, uninterested student when honestly I was just bored. I’m Sicilian, we talk loudly from the moment we leave the womb! All I needed at the time was to be with older kids. Labelling me with a ‘disease’ and feeding me Ritalin was not an option.

7) My love for pizza started at this age. It’s been a problem ever since. I call it Pizzaddiction. My family feed me because it’s how they show me they love me…aah 🙂


8) Growing up with all races is healthy and has taught me to treat everyone equally regardless of what colour they are. There are worse things in the world than having a different skin tone…like having a shitty mentality.

9) The ‘travel bug’ bit me at this age. My first overseas experience in Sicily was magical. It taught me to never forget my family’s heritage and to embrace more than one culture and lifestyle. Being South African/Sicilian is like being chalk and cheese at the same time. And you’re permanently hungry.


10) Being a ‘black sheep’ can also be a good thing. There’s a beauty behind just being yourself. It forces you to observe, which helps you understand people better.

11) When something doesn’t feel right with your instinct, it isn’t. Don’t be afraid to speak up, even if someone chooses not to listen to you or doesn’t agree with you.

12) Just because you feel rejected, doesn’t mean you are a reject.

13) Listen to your parents.

14) Being ‘one of the guys’ doesn’t make you a ‘slut’ nor does it make you a tomboy. Stop labeling people to justify your own worth and increase your ego. If you are purely better friends with males than females, that’s ok. And vice versa.

15) My first love taught me that it’s ok and possible for two different worlds to love each other. It’s also inevitable that people grow up, evolve and grow apart.

16) Being sensitive and wearing your heart on your sleeve is always seen as a weakness in society. People who lack empathy came up with that bullshit.

17) Follow each of your dreams or goals, as it makes you…you. Dreams were imprinted in you from the day dot. If you don’t know ‘what you want to be when you grow up’, travel.

Battambang, Cambodia

18) Fearing death is fearing life.

19) Do not fall in love at this age. It’s a trap. Life is too short, man! ENJOY your last year as a teen!

20) Choose your close friends wisely as they can either make you or break you. Not everyone has your best interest.

21) Education, knowledge of mind and knowledge of self is far greater than false love, false hope, and money.

22) Never give up your friends for any guy. Unless they sleep with him.

23) Learn to love and put yourself first, as cliche as it sounds… it’s so true! If you don’t love, respect or know yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

24) Integrity is everything.

25) You cannot control people’s actions, but you can control how you react to them.

26) If you are not happy where you are in life, move on. You are not a tree.

27) Ah, the importance of self-respect, self-love, and acceptance. Getting closer and closer to 30 *eek* makes you realise you’ve come this far, and survived all the ‘speed-bumps’. At this age, I’ve stopped caring what other people think negatively about me but most importantly, to never compare myself to others. Whether you are fat or thin, ugly or beautiful, rich or poor…People are still going to talk about you. Their judgments are not facts. Live your life the way YOU want to and never look back! You’re not going that way!

To judge means you do not understand. If you do not understand, you cannot love.


Here’s to another year,
Nikita xxx



*Photos by Taryn from WhatTheBlog; edited by Tracey Montgomery



11 thoughts on “27 Vital Things I’ve Learnt At 27”

  1. I literally cried while reading this, for me this post came just at the right time a lot of what is written here is what I needed to know for myself. Thank you.

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