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Moving to the UK – Scotland

In July 2016 I left hot and humid Thailand and pulled a 180 and ended up in cold and rainy Scotland, after much deliberation and climatization and I totally fell in love. Here’s my short-lived, but memorable experience…

I stayed in Coatbridge, not too far from Glasgow… which according to a friendly drunk local, is considered the ‘old age home’ of Scotland. Glasgow is the vibey area to be in apparently. Nevertheless, I spent my days walking amongst the greenery, adjusting to the ‘cold’ weather (it was Summer) and just taking in the beauty of the countryside. I understand now where the local was coming from and also understood why most teens drink away…there’s really not much to do in the area.



I’ve never seen such green grass in my life, nor so many churches in one area! Every corner basically had a church…and a pub. My favourite thing to do was castle-spotting!


I remember the first time I went to the grocery store. It was Tesco but not like the Tesco I had experienced in Thailand before. A million times bigger and the variety of food was incredible and I was shocked at how even the gluten-free and organic ranges for example, was so affordable. I was on the hunt specifically for avocado’s as I hadn’t had my fav in 6 months. I went up to the shop assistant and asked her to direct me and there they were… pretty green avo’s, all the way from South Africa! My partner asked the shop assistant to speak to me in Scottish twang and she rattled on in full conversation as I stood there with my jaw wide open, staring at her like I just met an alien. I had NO idea what she said. They laughed and laughed…at me. I never understood what the locals were saying half the time. It was easier to learn Thai than to learn the Scottish twang. So going to the shop became a daily adventure for me!

Let’s not forget the size of the birds there! On steriods or some shit! They are not shy either and will gladly swoop down and grab your stuffed-crust slice of pizza right out of your hand.


And yes, it rained every single day I was there but I loved it. The sun only went down at 10pm so I was so confused, my body clock didn’t know WTF was happening. The people are super friendly. It’s so so safe. It’s clean. And ginger’s roam about without being criticised, which I was happy about 🙂


We did house-share which was a first for me. I stayed in a beautiful house with not so beautiful people. Long story short… we got kicked out because we complained about dirty diapers that were left on the floor of the entrance hall. Somebody lost their shit 😉 Apparently South Africans are too straightforward, we hit an egotistic nerve and hygiene doesn’t seem to be an issue to some.

So we happily packed our bags and moved along to the next chapter of our lives, 6 hours away…High Wycombe (Part 2). I will definitely go back to Scotland when possible…there’s so much to still discover, and I want to play in the snow!


Smile through the memories,

Nikita | The Lovist



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