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It’s OK To Ask For Help

Welcome to the first part of my new journey. I won’t be flying economy class and won’t need to pack a physical bag this time but I am intending on a first class experience and leaving loads of unnecessary baggage behind. This year has been a complete AH HA moment, as Oprah would say. A year full of surprises and one in particular where I had to learn how to grow the hell up and learn to ‘adult’.It was like a fluorescent lightbulb went off in my head saying that shit’s about to get real now. Yup…I’m talking about becoming a mother.

So we packed our bags, moved closer to London where my partner found a decent job. I began a search for another behind-the-desk office job, obviously to be able to survive and provide.

Sounds pretty normal right? Yeah, not exactly how we planned things to be. We are not ‘normal’ people. When do plans ever go has expected? They say the more you expect, the more disappointed you’re bound to become. Nevertheless, I managed to find work literally the day we moved and sat behind a desk where I thought I wouldn’t end up behind again. Although I am highly grateful to get a job, be able to have a child and have a supporting partner, I feel stuck. I’m 27, still naive as ever with no ambitions. No ‘one day when I grow up, I want to be a…’. And that scares me. All I know is that I want to see the world and help change it. But how can I change it if I don’t know how to change myself for the better?  My mom always said, you never want to reach 50 years old and you still haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life. I can’t explain the feeling that I know I was put on this beautiful earth for a much higher purpose, I just can’t seem to figure out what it is and how to achieve it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Now I’m bringing an innocent child into this crazy world with about £2 to my name.

I had tried gaining different sources of ‘help’, from a psychologist, to a tarot card reader, to a palm reader, a spiritualist, a pastor, a monk, self-motivational books and videos…All with people of years of experience, knowledge and special abilities that not everyone attains. Although it gave me some insight into the type of life I could live, it never really completely helped me deal with past experiences or give guidance onto the next step I should take in life to actually get there. People say “it’s a mindset, just let go, move on”…yes, that’s true, but it’s one thing saying it, it’s another process on actually doing it in order to live a fulfilled life. If you haven’t been instilled with problem solving skills from a young age, it makes it more difficult to do when you’re older. Hence why I just kept running, and searching. From one country to another. Running from my ‘problems’, my past experiences and how I felt about them. Good and bad. Forcing myself to grow but in the ‘wrong’ way. I kept pushing them deep down, thinking I had dealt with them, but it still remains in my sub-conscience. I simply forgot how to be myself.

The last straw was when I realised my actions, energy and emotions become a vicious cycle of negativity, unawaringly portraying what I genuinely feel on the inside and affecting my relationship on a daily basis and there is no way on God’s green earth that I am raising a kid without its father.

Also, my dreams were becoming increasingly unbearable. Dreams about the past as well as my intense fear of childbirth. They say it’s normal dreaming vividly during pregnancy but I feel this fear comes from a place I’m too scared to visit.

So I decided to reach out. It was time to stop being embarrassed to admit that I actually needed help and guidance. And not from people I knew. Somebody who actually understood my inner subconscious, remove my egotistical side and unlock the codes to my pure intentions and potential. I feel I need to figure this out before I bring a life into this world. I want to be the best mother I can be and raise a warrior.

I was refered to speak to a Life Coach. For those who don’t know, a Life Coach is a person qualified to help people attain their goals in life. I’ve always had a problem making goals and actually sticking to them. I’m very impulsive and sometimes just simply don’t think things through. All but one Life Coach stood out for me. ‘Clicked’ with me. That is Marta Kunicka.

Everything that she put forward in her profile, spoke to me. Everything. Especially the part where she can help clear certain energies. There’s so much to learn from coaching and spirituality. And I’m not talking about religion. I truly hope to inspire more people to connect to something other than your ego and to ask for help when you feel lost in this superficial world. It can affect other people like a ripple effect and ultimately change the world.

After all, we were put on this earth as humans to help each other as we all have individual talents that no like for like creature possesses.

About Marta Kunicka

Love, Career, Relationships & Clarity Coaching. Energy Balancing

Hello! I am Marta, your experienced personal transformation life coach.

Having gone through an existential crisis and a career change myself, I am fully aware of what it means to ‘Transform’.

The purpose of my work is to create more loving and connected world. I create this by empowering my clients to challenge their current worldview and to be greater and more beautiful versions of themselves.

I work with people from all walks of life, who see their own growth, personal development and well-being as an indispensable part of their fulfilment and success.

Working with me, you co-create a space where you can verbalise and actualise what you want in life; a space to be heard where you can turn your vision, dreams and passion into reality.

I specialise in Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Identity, Career Change, Authentic Relationships, Personal / Spiritual Development and Clarity Coaching, as well as Energy Clearing and Balancing. I help my clients to understand themselves, the direction they want to take, and the difference they want to make in the world.

The essence of my work is to re-connect you with your heart in the most gentle possible way and to help you gradually strip down the constructs of your mind that are stopping you from living the life you want.

What I share is unique. I work through spoken word, energy clearing and balancing, as well as sound and voice. I take you into spaces within yourself you have never been to before. Working with me, you gain the clarity of your mind, you feel relaxed, grounded, connected, in flow, and start making daily choices that are of your highest interest.

Ultimately, my job is to reconnect you with your most authentic, true Self. Your Essence. So you can Create The Life You Want.

Our journey together starts Here and Now.

For more info or to book a complimentary consultation email me at

Coaching Qualifications:

  • Accredited Personal Transformational Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Group Coaching and Facilitation Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Certified Existential Coach (Animas Centre for Coaching)
  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Member of the International Coach Federation

My first session begins with Marta and her partner Richard Davies tomorrow, Sunday the 26 March. Richard will be helping with clearing some energies and help me unlock certain parts of my mind to help me get to the core of certain issues and fears, why I have them and how to get through them. He also specialises in energies that have been passed down from generation to generation. It might sound like complete craziness or BS to some, but essentially we are energy at the end of the day. More will be revealed as we go along.

Before my complimentary consultation, I did not know what to expect. I felt crazy for talking to complete strangers about my ‘issues’, my outlook on life and what I expect out of it. I mean, these people deal with real issues like people dying from terminal cancer and trauma from death.

After speaking to them and answering a short questionnaire where I had to rate certain aspects of my life from 0-10, I felt clearer on what they had to offer to help me and clearer on what I need to focus on changing. Marta explains what she offers really well in her profile. I felt we connected, they both understood me and assured that I wasn’t going crazy and it’s not only pregnancy hormones that make me feel the way I do! I feel energized and excited, looking forward to what the future sessions have in store for me, how they can help both parties, not just myself, create a space for me to be heard and help me connect with baby before birth.

I will be writing a before and after on each session. I hope you enjoy the experience and journey with me…


For more information, click on the links below:

Marta Kunicka: Facebook and Website

Richard Davies: Facebook and Website

Watch this video/radio interview by Radio W.O.R.K.S World for more of an in-depth insight on what Marta and Richard actually do and how they do it!


Get in touch with Marta and Richard to see how they can help you:



Nikita | The Lovist



4 thoughts on “It’s OK To Ask For Help”

  1. Congratulations Nikita! I’ve had my first child when I was your age and then two more. Having a child is a transforming experience and a very steep learning curve. Don’t worry, I only figured out what I wanted to do in life (career-wise) when I was around forty, and things are going very well. Before that, I was too busy changing nappies…

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