Life Update

Six months. Six whole damn months! A lot has happened in the past few months and since my last post

I still can’t believe I had a baby six months ago! Naturally. With no pain meds. I say this because I’m so proud I did. I was one of those women who definitely wanted kids but wanted to be knocked out and the baby cut out of me without me knowing anything. I was petrified of childbirth. Anxiety attacks and worst case scenarios in my head. But I did it. And I loved it. It was the most spiritual, challenging and emotional experience of my life. I will leave it for another post though.


I learnt how to breastfeed (this doesn’t always come naturally to all, I guess that’s why so many women don’t do it). I struggled in the beginning and wanted to give up so many times. But here I am, still breastfeeding her as I write this. IMG_8120

I had a bit of the baby blues after the birth. Hormonal shit storm of note. Which progressed into full-blown depression. Six months later and six sessions of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) I can finally say I’m not stuck in bed thinking the worst things about myself and life in general. Wow, what a change. Another blog post!

This encouraged me to force myself out of the house and start going for walks to a play-group where both I and Baby could interact with other humans. I still go and look forward to it each week!


Ooh, we went on our first trip as a family to Paris in December! It was so beautiful! Baby was a trooper too! Travelling with a baby is not as impossible as it seems.


We experienced a proper snowy day in December! I felt like a kid again!


Christmas this year was the first time in a long time I actually looked forward to because it was our first one as a family. We did the whole cheesy Xmas family jumpers and had a huge lunch with fellow South African friends. The day went way too quickly but was one for the books!


I then spent some much-needed girls time with a friend. painted my nails for the first time in a long time! Felt fresssshhh 🙂 Realized I shouldn’t forget about myself now that I’m a stay at home mama. Slap some makeup on, have a bubble bath, shave those legs you know… normal shit that single people do.


NYE in London to watch the fireworks! It was something we had to experience seeing as we live in the UK. Baby came with. Don’t worry, she wore headphones that block out the noise and slept through it all!


Also did some more sightseeing in London as a family for the first time. Baby is on the move I tell you!IMG_9220
2018 is all about goals. Not just another New Years resolution though.  I’m not really good with goals, to be honest. I’m quite impulsive and go with the flow but this year I figured I need to challenge myself consistently in order to grow as a person. So I want to start doing the things I Love doing or used to do. Starting with joining an art class. Writing more. Baby steps…


It’s taken me a while to write a post. I’ve been procrastinating and obviously busy learning how to be a mom. This post wasn’t to brag, it was just to fill my readers in, as some of you have asked if I’m still alive on the blog side of things, which I appreciate. At one stage I wanted to stop writing, doubting myself all the time, not finding the time and trying to find my feet. I didn’t know where to begin, honestly.

I know I’m not alone in my thoughts so the next goal for my blog is to feature moms, dads, whoever really, to speak about their own experiences. We can all learn from one another or help someone without even realizing it. We are all different yet suffer in silence with similarity not knowing that we don’t have to suffer alone. The response has already been amazing to witness so thank you to those that have already shared your stories! I will be posting them soon!

So feel free to contact me, in full confidentiality and anonymously if needed, if you’d like to share your story and be featured on my blog 🙂

Love and light,

Nikita x


Screenshot 2018-01-22 16.10.55


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