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The First Trimester | Pregnancy Journal

To be honest, I wasn’t sure on sharing snippets from my pregnancy journal with anyone. Doubt crept in. It happens when I want to write but fear judgement, hence why it’s taken me so long to share my Motherhood journey with those who follow my blog. I appreciate you all, the kind words, encouragement and support I have and still receive. You’re the ones who matter, so I invite you to my Pregnancy Journey, whether you have kids or not.  

Week Nine


I think that’s mainly bloating


I’m sure you have read My First Letter to my Unborn Daughter. Yeah, thank hormones and emotions for that letter, Isabella. That was the week I had an emotional breakdown in Tesco with a dumbfounded male pharmacist trying to help me source the right pregnancy supplement and provide a shoulder to cry on. Shame, poor guy. I should really write to him and show him I have survived like he said I would and managed to keep my daughter alive for 7 months now!

I think we all pretty clueless when we find out we are pregnant (planned or not)…like, “now what?” It’s overwhelming AF.

Week 9 and baby is 2cm. TWO whole frikken cm’s, and yet the skeleton is starting to turn to bone, fingers and toes are becoming defined and baby’s face is starting to look more human-like. Mindblowing.

Week 10

Baby is 3.5cm, size of a large grape. How can you be so small yet cause so much nausea? Can you believe that fingerprints are evident on baby’s skin?!

Can you overdose on olives and oranges?? I ate a tub of olives and peeled about a pack of clementines this week.

Week 11 and 12


How’s that permanent bed-head


Baby is 5cm, is the size of a lime and weighs about 10g. Hormones are bat-shit crazy due to the development of the female genitalia that’s happening to baby this week, although I am grateful for no vomiting.

I still have my moments where I can’t believe I’m actually pregnant. It feels surreal. I can finally ‘feel’ that ‘something’ is there in my tummy and feel like a bloated seal at the moment.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it’s amazing to know that vital organs are fully formed and even tiny fingernails are forming.

I went for my first checkup this week which involved taking blood tests and noting family medical history. Luckily, I have a low-risk pregnancy.

Our families are SO excited which makes our excitement even more intense! I was waaayyy too nervous to tell everyone. The emotions are insane and I cry for sentimental things. I miss my family and friends more than ever.

The amount of info and support I have received from the healthcare system is insane. I’ll always be grateful for the National Healthcare System here. People complain way too much about it here but coming from South Africa where healthcare is expensive if you need private care, I won’t dare moan.

I’ve been praying every day for a job, still getting “your application has been denied” emails. Yip, the timing isn’t great but I won’t let it get me down, I’m sure it will all work out (it did BTW). In the meantime, I’ll be eating clementines, olives, avo and dreaming of sushi.

I’ve gotten into this horrible habit of sleeping late and not eating breakfast so have decided (or more like forced by baby-daddy) to drink smoothies every morning for nutrition and health, obviously. This stage of pregnancy, the immune system is so low and it’s the second time I’ve had flu this month. NOT cool. It’s been so cold too, so all I want to do is curl up in bed and do nothing. But that leads to sadness, boredom and your mind will run away when you are actually supposed to be running yourself.

How can I be emotional for long when baby-daddy comes home from a long day’s work with cupcakes and gifts to make me feel better?! He’s an absolute gem and so supportive. Even sits through the blood tests (which he hates). I thank God for him every day.

PS: the best part of the first trimester is your skin and nails, girlfriend! Glow baby, glow.

Week 13

We are planning for the big reveal soon! So excited! In the meantime, we have had our first scan this week!…and more checkups and blood tests. Fun.

Baby is about 7cm and weighs around 28g. By the end of this week, baby will be fully formed and the sex could be discovered. Starting to look like a proper baby and can make facial expressions!

SHE is too cute and stubborn, just like her parents! Didn’t want to move for us! It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed and no words can describe seeing a life you’ve created, inside of you!


First Scan | 02 Feb 2017


Bring on The Second Trimester!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below! Those who have kids, how was your first trimester?

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