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10 Random Things I Didn’t Know Before Having a Baby

There are some random and silly things I didn’t know or think of before I became a parent, in no particular order. Did you know any of these before having a baby?

1. Baby neck cheese!

Might seem gross, but it’s build up of gunk (for lack of a better word) that collects in the folds of the neck of your newborn. And it smells. This happens if drool gets under the neck, could come from soap that hasn’t been washed away properly or from sweat. This is where damp cottonwool becomes your best friend.

gross vomit GIF-downsized

2. You will become a professional press-stud ninja thanks to all the wardrobe changes! Press-studs everywhere!

enter the dragon baby GIF by Cheezburger-downsized.gif

3. Babies are usually born with blue eyes and their eyes can change colour up to 18 months old.

blue eyes GIF-downsized.gif

4. Something that’s funny today for baby, might not be funny tomorrow?

baby GIF-downsized.gif

5. Fluff! Using an earbud to clean fluff in-between the fingers and the toes, mainly!

fluffy GIF-downsized

6. Teething rash! Apparently, this is a common symptom in predominantly Caucasian babies. I had no idea as I rushed to the pharmacy asking what to do thinking my child had eczema. Nope, turns out she just had teething rash and I should use Aveeno cream. Worked like magic. Phew 😅

joe jonas relief GIF-downsized

7. Baby girls have a mini period in the first few days of life. Hormones! So don’t be concerned if you notice a small pinky discharge in the nappy.

over it wtf GIF by Julie Winegard-downsized

8. Your breast milk changes to adapt to baby’s needs. The most important milk being colostrum (yellow) in the first days of baby’s life. My daughter didn’t get enough of this milk and ended up under the blue lights with slight yellow jaundice. If Baby is sick, the milk will provide more antibodies to build up their immune system. If Baby is thirsty, the milk will be a bit more watery. I didn’t know this, I thought milk was milk lol. Bonus: Breastfeeding helps you lose weight! You can burn up to 600 calories in one feed!

britney spears yes GIF-downsized

9. The first black sticky poo’s! 💩 Stock up on lots of cotton wool! (Wet with warm water and wipe… keep wiping…more wiping)

dump daughter GIF-downsized

10. Some babies make a puppy like sound when they sleep as if they are dreaming. Apparently, they’re not dreaming though, they might have a bit of trapped air. It usually passes or Baby will wake up from it and let the burping begin!

dog sleeping GIF-downsized

I’m sure there are a lot more funny, gross and random things that are not on this list, feel free to share some of yours!

Nikita x



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