Someone who supports love and thinks love is the most important thing. Love for mankind, nature and art with no judgement and conditions.

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

This is a ‘no BS blog’ full of from-the-heart travel and life experiences and adventures as well as the biggest adventure of all, becoming a mother.

I’m Nikita, born and raised in South Africa within a Sicilian family.

I originally studied and had big dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer however, I hit a ‘quarter-life crisis’ 4 years ago and with no regrets sold almost everything, packed my little bags, left the Mother City – Cape Town and decided to travel and in the meantime write about my journey and experiences along the way, so I started The Lovist blog.

I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a while, teaching and being a tourist on weekends and then moved to the United Kingdom in 2016. I started in Scotland and have since moved 4 times and have finally called Milton Keynes my new home. My goal is still to travel as much as possible except, with a new baby on my back. (this was possible in Paris!)

My blog includes:

  • My journey as a young expat mother
  • Travelling experiences and tips
  • Reviews and collaborations on beauty products, accessories and small businesses like GlassesShop.com and Gumme Glove UK.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you join the journey with me! You are welcome to contact me for any queries 🙂

Nikita xxx



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