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How to Help a Teething Baby | GummeeGlove

Ensure you have enough wine in the house for yourself. That’s it. End of story… Continue reading “How to Help a Teething Baby | GummeeGlove”

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#TheBigPink with Breast Cancer Care – You Can Help!

In the beginning of this month, I mentioned that I’m collaborating with Breast Cancer Care to help promote their campaign, The Big Pink. This campaign was held on the 14th October and aimed to raise awareness about women and men with breast cancer while providing care, support and information for people affected. I’m sure, like myself, you know at least one person who has/had cancer and how it’s not easy, especially if the right support isn’t available. Here’s how you could still help out this month… Continue reading “#TheBigPink with Breast Cancer Care – You Can Help!”

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How to Shop for Eyewear Online Like a Boss

It’s that time of the year again where I get to review my favourite online eyewear store – I’ve also included my promo code below for 50% off all ladies and gents eyewear… Continue reading “How to Shop for Eyewear Online Like a Boss”

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Traditional South African Banana Bread Recipe

I’ve shared one of my favorite dishes from back home, South Africa…BANANA BREAD! Whether you’re in the need for comfort food, a simple and quick dessert (or even breakfast 😋), or just need to carbo-load… Continue reading “Traditional South African Banana Bread Recipe”

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Giving Back Love and Grudges That Don’t Serve You

Is it possible to give back old love and let go of grudges to the people who have hurt you or your family?… Continue reading “Giving Back Love and Grudges That Don’t Serve You”