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How to Help a Teething Baby | GummeeGlove

Ensure you have enough wine in the house for yourself. That’s it. End of story…

I’m just kidding…a little bit 😉

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I wish I knew about this product earlier when my daughter first started teething! She is now almost 8 months and her two bottom incisors have come through so this product came into our lives just in time! She loves it!

Let me introduce you to *drum roll*… the UK award-winning GUMMEE GLOVE, the World’s First Teething Mitten!



This ingenious teething product was innovatively created by a fellow mom and is now loved by many moms and babies around the UK. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re welcome 😉

I read this mom’s story and it’s positively inspirational. It’s amazing how creative parents get when we need a solution for the growing pains of our kids. In a nutshell, this mum simply sewed teething toys onto her baby’s mittens and bob’s your uncle, baby chomped away and the Gummee Glove concept was born!


Product features:

  • Detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring
  • Laundry bag for easy machine washing & hygienic transportation
  • Side teethers and silicone heart are made of food grade silicone
  • EN71 safety tested
  • BPA, Phthalate & Latex-free

Product Range:

Screenshot 2018-04-04 13.20.12.png

Age 0-3 months: Anti-scratch mittens

Age 3-6 months: Gummee Glove

Age 6-10 months:  Gummee Glove Plussilicone heart-shaped teethers or Link n Teethe set

Age 10-14 months:  Molar Mallets

Age 16-20 months:  Molar Mallet or Link n Teethe set

Age 20-30 months: Molar Mallets

Gummee Glove Social Media Links:




UK Stockists

You can SHOP HERE, order from Amazon or contact them below for any queries:


Please feel free to share this post to help a fellow mom and dad out! 🙂


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